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  TypingMaster for Mac/Linux  

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iTutor for the Mac and Linux is a handy touch typing tutor for the Macintosh (and Linux!) users.

TypingMaster for Macintosh and Linux is an Easy-to-use touch typing tutor that can be used both to learn touch typing and to improve typing skills.

Requires: Mac Mac OS Classic (8.1 or greater) or Mac OSX, Linux (Intel), Solaris or other Unix. 

Product Highlights

  • Touch Typing course with 11 lessons, various exercises including games 

  • The bonus Numeric Keypad course included Professional Typing Tests to test your typing speed and accuracy 

  • Multi-user support, progress of each student stored individually 

  • There is also a School/Network version available (for Intranets), contact us for more details 

You can download a free trial version from here

Installation size is between 1.6 MB - 6 MB depending on the operating system.

Or purchase a copy from our Secure Server here

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