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General Information

TypingMaster starts training the touch typing system from the very basics and leads trainees step by step all the way to professional, fluent typing. As a result they will typically type 3-5 times faster than before and with 100% accuracy.

Depending on selection, it takes only from 6 to 10 hours to learn the basics of touch typing, after which trainees can start using this new skill in their everyday life. Shortly this powerful typing technique will become unconscious and fluent.

Exercise list for current lesson


Multi-form exercises. Multi-form exercises - like keyboard drills, review exercises, typing tests and games - will provide optimal support in every learning phase.

Instant feedback and statistics. With the help of illustrative feedback and long-term statistics you can effortelssly monitor your progress and keep up your motivation.

Professional typing tests. With customizable typing test trainees can accurately evaluate their typing skills, and after a test print out a test report.

Intelligent review. TypingMaster analyzes trainees' typing while they complete exercises and then creates fully tailored review material for their personal needs.

Additional courses. In addition to comprehensive basic course TypingMaster also includes additional courses for special marks and numeric keypad.

Full network support. TypingMaster can be installed and used in any common local area network with virtually no management.

Multi user support. TypingMaster can store personal studying information for thousands of users and recognize them on any workstation within the network.

Advanced user manager. With advanced user manager a trainer can manage trainees as groups and follow their progress with different types of reports.

Instructive Clouds game


Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
32 Mb RAM
800 x 600 display with more than 256 colors

Network Installation
TypingMaster is fully compatible with all Windows and Novell networks. For detailed information please see
network manual.

Unlike single licenses TypingMaster site licenses do not include
ProTrainer. If you want to buy also ProTrainer licenses, please contact us at


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