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TypingMaster for Companies

TypingMaster touch typing tutor is a full-scale solution to make working with computers much more fluent and efficient in your company.

With TypingMaster personnel will typically learn to type 3-5 times faster with ~100% accuracy and save dozens of working hours every year per person! They will also enjoy their work more as they can reach their goals quicker than ever before.

TypingMaster is perfectly suited for motivated, self-driven studying - a trainer is not required at all, although if available, a trainer can use the administration tools to supervise many more people than they could otherwise. Together with quick and easy network installation this ensures that you will get TypingMaster up and running in no time.

Advanced Features

Self-driven studying. Thanks to TypingMaster's self-driven studying method and instant feedback trainees can comfortably learn professional typing skills without a trainer.

Support for trainer. If there is a trainer available, they can easily monitor the progress of trainees and arrange customised typing tests via the administration tools.

Customised typing tests. Let trainees test their typing skill level with typing tests, which can be customised to meet the needs of your company.

Minimum management. Just install TypingMaster on a server and then ask trainees to run one file from their workstation - after that everything is automatic.


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