Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • for version 6.1

  • Updated 2001/01/15
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Common Installation Problems
  • Why program does not fit on the screen?
  • How to make TypingMaster Installation Diskettes (for backup purposes)
  • Installation stops with an "InstallShield (r) error"
Other Questions
  • Is TypingMaster year 2000 compatible?
  • What platform versions are available? Is there Mac version?
  • Are the future upgrades free?
  • What if my computer crashes, may I load the program again for free?
  • My License Key does not work or was lost, what should I do?
  • What language versions are available?
  • Is DVORAK support available?
  • Where can I find my WPM results?
  • How efficiency index is calculated?
  • How can I delete the users from the program?
Purchase Questions
  • How can I purchase TypingMaster 2001?
  • I have not received the product I purchased, what should I do?
  • How can I start using (or load) the program I have purchased?

Q: Why program does not fit on the screen?

  • Like many multimedia applications TypingMaster requires an 800x600 display are (also known as the screen resolution) and SVGA monitor. All modern monitors are SVGA or better so you propably just have a lower resolution, so follow instructions below to fix the situation.
  • To change the resolution (Win95/98/NT) 

  • 1. Choose Start Menu..Settings..Control Panel..Display..Settings.
    2. Set Desktop area to 800x600.
    3. Press OK.

    After this not only will Typingmaster work properly but you will also have more "space" in your display.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, please write to our helpdesk.

Q: How to make TM2001 Installation Diskettes

Winzip/Unzip can be used to create three 1.44MB installation diskettes
  • TypingMaster 2001 self extraction installation package can be unpacked easily to installation diskettes.  You need to open the installation package (usually called typmas61.exe, tm2001.exe, typmas32.exe or similar) with Winzip.
  • Next, insert first empty 1.44MB diskette and extract the following files into it:
    • DISK1.ID
  • Next, copy the following files diskette 2:   _SETUP.2  and DISK2.ID
  • and finally diskette 3 should have files:  _SETUP.3   and DISK3.ID



Q: Installation stops with an "InstallShield Error"

Answer for InstallShield Error "Failed to decompress %s file"
  • Some old TypingMaster 98/99 self extraction installation packages can not be installed to some hard drives which are larger than 2 GB.
  • Please load the latest installation package from http://www.TypingMaster.com.au
Answer for Other InstallShield Errors
  • TypingMaster installation is based on InstallShield(r) which copies some files to the TEMP directory (system's temporary directory) during installation. In some situations the TEMP directory might be full or may contain corrupted file(s) and this causes the installation to fail.  
  • Try to clean your TEMP-directory. You can locate it usually from C:\TEMP or C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. Go to that directory and remove all unnecessary files. 


Q: Is TypingMaster year 2000 compatible?

  • Yes, TypingMaster is Y2000 compatible, to read more click here!

Q: What versions are available?

  • Windows products (minimum display area is 800x600)
    • TypingMaster 2001 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    • TypingMaster 99 for Windows 95/98 (see  languages below)
    • TypingMaster 99 with the Site Management Kit (for networks)
    • TypingMaster ProTrainer (95/98/NT)
    • TypingMaster 4.0 for Windows 3.x 
  • Java products 
  • DOS products (640x480 and lower resolutions)

Q: Are future upgrades free?

Fixes for Free 
All bug fixes and minor upgrades are always free of charge. 
Current Upgrade Fees 
  • Updating TypingMaster 98/99 to TypingMaster 2001 costs $20 USD.

Q: What if my computer crashes, may I load the program again for free?

  • Yes, but you have to save your personal license key to a safe place and you will be able to load and install the program again.   If possible, consider copying the installation package to floppy diskettes or a removable media.


Q: My License Key does not work or was lost

    There are separate registration keys for different product versions (TypingMaster 98, 99 and 2001). Check which program version you have installed and which license you have purchased. If you notice that you have received a wrong license key from the vendor, please write to the vendor in question.

  • 1. Be extremely accurate when typing your registration name and number
    2. Note the capital letters
    3. Note that product key has alphabets A-F and numbers 0-9, so there are
    no small l-letters or o-letters.

    For personal rapid response please copy us the email (receipt) you
    received from the retailer (including the invalid License Key and Product key).

  • Lost Keys

  • If you have lost your License Key by an accident, please send us
    Make note of order number, which retailer you purchased your copy and when. 
    Also attach the name on credit card (not credit card number!) to speed up 
    our process to track your original order. We cannot send your key again without order information.

Q: What language versions are available?

  • English version is available for a global use. However, TypingMaster supports most keyboards (such as QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ) used all around the world. 

  • Other language versions available:
    • Finnish
    • Swedish 
    • Dutch
  • Other language versions currently under construction:
    • French, Spanish - we are looking for partners to translate.

Q: Is DVORAK support available?

  • "DVORAK" keyboard layout is supported by TypingMaster 2001. Support is available in Basics course, Special marks and especially in ProTrainer section. 


Q: How can I manage the users of the program?

  • From the TypingMaster Setup program choose the Network installation to make sure you install the User Manager, which can be used e.g. to view and delete the users.

Q: How can I purchase TypingMaster 2001?

General Information
Purchasing through Internet
  • To purchase quickly with a credit card, please click here
  • The purchase process is secured and safe
  • Note, that you can also fax or call your credit card number to us!
Regional Retailers (Australia, UK, USA..)
  • See list of our retailers and their contact informations by clicking here


    Aquarian Technologies, Australia and New Zealand
    Sales: 1800 240 774
    Www: http://www.aquatee.com
    Voice: +61 (0)3 5472-4447
    Fax: +61 (0)3 5472-4409

Other Sales Questions
  • You can also write your purchase questions directly to

Q: I have not received the product I purchased?

Electronic Delivery
    If you have purchased an electronic email delivery (without S&H costs) you shall receive the product in electronic form. It means that you are not going to receive cd-rom or floppies by snail mail. Instead, you should receive the installation instructions and the required license codes by email. 

    If you have not received these instructions please write to our helpdesk with the date of order, possible order number and credit card owner name (not number!). We shall find out from which internet retailer you have purchased your license and shall send you the instructions. 

Media Delivery
    TypingMaster Inc. has several retailers who are handling the product deliveries. If you have not received your media, you should contact the retailer from which you have ordered the CD-ROM or floppy diskettes.  See here for contact details.

Q: How can I start using (or load)  the program I have purchased?

Electronic Email Delivery
    If you have purchased the electronic delivery and received the license key from one of our Internet retailers such as RegNet, Alberts Ambry, Aquatee, Thompson Partnership, or WWSoftware, you need to first load and install the corresponding TypingMaster demo package to your computer. 

    To download a copy to your machine, just click here to load the TypingMaster Setup program. Choose Run this program to start installing it immediately after loading is completed (loading takes usually 5-15 minutes).

    After you have loaded and installed the program's demo version into your computer, follow the instructions supplied with the license key to make it fully featured.