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The Truth about computers

The truth about using a computer to boost your productivity is that the speed and accuracy of your typing is more important than the speed of the computer - for most tasks. Your typing speed either helps you get the job done faster, or a lack of speed and accuracy slows you down!  Learning to touch type will help you do a lot more, in less time. Here's how...

We've estimated that more than 95% of people using computers today type at less than 60 words per minute. They're wasting their lives, and not getting the full benefits that computers can deliver!

Improve your touch typing -- GUARANTEED!

SECURE Online ordering
Invest in your copy now! 

SECURE Online ordering, Invest in your copy now!

That is often blamed on computers being hard to learn, or on us not having the time to learn to use them properly.


We have had a very high success rate of students meeting the criteria."
John Barr, Kings High School, Dunedin, New Zealand

TypingMaster is about joining the less than five people in a hundred who have their computers work for them, and not the other way around!

"We tried a lot of other typing tutors before TypingMaster and nothing compares!"
Andrew Dudley, Zealous Concepts,
Melbourne, Australia

Do you use a computer at home, work, or school? Perhaps you think spending a few hours (yes you really can start to improve your typing in just a few hours!) learning the correct way to type would be boring?

Bzzzt, wrong again... J

TypingMaster has fun built-in. Competitions with the family, office, or class to see who can get in the top-ten scorers list (and stay there) of the Typing games provide fun, and motivation to stick at it. But don't get us wrong, this is serious software -- used in many companies, schools, and commercial institutions around the world!

"The games!!! And the fact that they can print their stats and compete with others in the class."
Tony Nelson, Computing Co-ordinator, Corowa High School, N.S.W, Australia.

You have assignments to type up, data to enter, emails to send, presentations to write...

No matter what you do with your computer,
  TypingMaster shows you how to increase your typing
, like no other book or program ever has!

"I must offer my praises to you on the exceptional standard of software that I have just received from you & your high standard of customer service that you offer".
Mrs Elizabeth Risteski, Australia.

When you use the experience-proven, class room researched strategies in this typing tutor, you will improve your typing skills. Then you will start to make the computer work for you! -- Just as its inventors intended...

TypingMaster requires as a minimum:

  •  Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

  •  At least 256 colours

  •  Screen resolution of 800x600
        (or better)

  •  16MB of RAM

  •  8MB of Disk

(note: box for illustration purposes only)

Our Guaranteed Offer...

Why Buy from us, and why now?
Using TypingMaster, the basics of the touch typing technique can be learnt in as little as 10 hours! 

  • No need for detailed manuals.

  • No need for hunting in Help files.

  • No printed sheets to copy and follow.

  • TypingMaster has all the details on screen whenever, and wherever, you need them.

  • Children teach themselves to touch type with this program all the time.

  • It's easy, fun and rewarding.

  • Money back guarantee.

  • Go on... give it a try.

TYPINGMASTER can be shipped anywhere in the world on CD, or delivered straight to your email inbox if you have downloaded the trial version from our web site. Or... order on CD and you get these special Bonuses too!

Our Purchase Guarantee:
We're so convinced that you'll love this product that we're going to do something for your benefit that will surprise you and prove how incredible our offer really is. If within 60 days of buying this product you are not satisfied with it, simply return the product (in the case of email delivery, just uninstall, delete the product, and contact us) to us at our cost and we'll refund all your money, Shipping and Handling included! No if's, no but's, if you're not happy we're not happy! 

"Good value for money."
John Barr, Kings High School, Dunedin, New Zealand

Order Now...
SECURE Online ordering -Invest in your copy now!

Simply tick or check each product below that you'd like to buy, then click the ' Add to Cart ' button underneath, and you'll be taken to our secure ordering site to complete the sale. Prices effective from June 18th, 2003.

Price TypingMaster Product Price List

Price TypingMaster Product Price List
     $AUD 60.50 TypingMaster Pro & ProTrainer, on CD - includes Special Bonuses
     $AUD 49.50 TypingMaster Pro & ProTrainer, via Email/Download 
     $AUD 47.30 TypingMaster Express, on CD - includes Special Bonuses  (No ProTrainer).
     $AUD 36.30 TypingMaster Express, via Email/Download  (No ProTrainer).
     $AUD 36.30 TypingMaster iTutor for Macintosh


License packages for companies and educational institutions:
For an economical bulk license allowing installation and maintenance of TypingMaster on multiple computers.

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Note: $AUD prices include GST for Australian customers only!

All orders are charged in Australian dollars. Overseas customers will have that changed to their local currency on their credit card statements.

If you'd rather just download the trial version for now, and come back here later to purchase -- and remember, the special bonuses below can ONLY be received from this web site -- then just download the trial program from here.

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Anyone buying the CD based version will also get:
  • a FREE copy of the TypingMaster Games program
  • a FREE copy of a handy keyboarding booster program, do more with less keystrokes!
  • a FREE copy of the TypingMaster Typing Test program, other companies charge up to $99 each for programs that aren't this good!


  • Copies of several of our other productivity boosting tools to investigate, explore and boost your skills with BUT... only if you order from this web site, and only if you order a CD!

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