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TypingMaster Pro – type as easily as you read!

The TypingMaster typing tutor for Windows is an efficient and comfortable way to learn the efficient touch typing (ten-finger) system. After practicing with this easy-to-use Windows tutor you will be typing 3-5 times faster with 100% accuracy and performing tasks on your computer much more quickly and easily.

TypingMaster with advanced features is also available for schools and companies.

Quick Results

Depending on your selection, it takes only 6-10 hours to learn ten-finger typing well enough that you can begin using this new skill in your everyday life. Within days, this efficient typing technique will become natural and unconscious.

As a result you will save hours of valuable working time each week and experience more enjoyment and less frustration as you work with your computer.


Double or triple your typing speed
With professional typing technique you will remarkably increase your typing speed.
Eliminate typing errors
Get rid of those annoying typing errors and increase the quality of your texts.
Save valuable working hours
Learn the ten-finger technique and save dozens of working hours each year.
Decrease stress
Natural, efficient finger movements and greater confidence will decrease stress in hands, arms and neck.
Focus on your ideas, not the keyboard
With TypingMaster your typing will become naturally fluent and automatic.
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