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  Y2K Confirmation  

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Year 2000 Confirmation
TypingMaster, Inc has done Year 2000 tests for its products listed later in this document. The Y2000 tests are also implemented as part of the standard tests for each new product.

TypingMaster, Inc. has not found any year 2000 related problems in the tested TypingMaster products and does not anticipate any problems relating to the transition of dates from year 1999 to year 2000 with any TypingMaster-family product versions.

Tested Products

These products have been tested for year 2000 compatibility:

Product and Version Compatibility
TypingMaster 98 32-bit 4.x Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster 98 16-bit 4.0 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster 99 4.6 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster 2001 6.0 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster 2002 6.2 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster Pro 32-bit 6.21 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster ProTrainer 6.x Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster QuickPhrase 1.x Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster Games 4.5 Year 2000 compatible
TypingMaster Manager 1.1 Year 2000 compatible

Products which have not been tested for Year 2000 compatibility:

Product and Version Compatibility
TypingMaster DOS 3.x Not Tested
TypingMaster Games DOS 2.x Not Tested

Products that have not been listed

Products which do no involve date related processing are considered to be compliant.

Any product that is not deemed to have a status of compliant is assigned a status of "Non-Compliant."

Development and Testing

TypingMaster, Inc. has taken the Y2K problem into consideration and is verifying that its products produce correct results both before and after year 2000.

Four Digit Year Format

All the TypingMaster products display the dates in Four Digit Format. Four Year Digit Format means the format which contains all four digits of the calendar year.

All the TypingMaster products store the dates in proper format, either in Four Digit Format or using double data type. The integral part of a data value is the number of days that have passed since 12/30/1899. The fractional part of a data value is fraction of a 24 hour day that has elapsed.

Developing Tools

The latest TypingMaster products have been developed using the Borland Delphi 4 with update pack #2 or newer which allows Y2 compatible product development. You can read more at

Tested Date Issues

The functionality of the programs has been tested in year 2000 and between years 1999-2000, also the date input and output fields have been tested. Mainly the TypingMaster products are using the dates for internal use and in some products dates are printed out in various reports. The printed out reports are using the system’s services for date formatting. Internal use of dates stores dates in double data type and relies to the reliable date processing functions offered by the developing tools such as Delphi 4.


Warranties of TypingMaster, Inc. products are set forth in the end user license agreements that accompany our products, and we recommend that you read these warranties in order to fully understand your rights. Any information that TypingMaster, Inc. provides regarding the Year 2000 is designed to assist you in connection with Year 2000 issues, but it does not constitute an extension or modification of any TypingMaster, Inc. warranty. All disclaimers and limitations on damages and remedies are fully applicable.

These pages and the information provided are not a substitute for your testing and analysis of your systems and configuration(s). Do not rely on these pages or information provided in validating the Year 2000 readiness status of TypingMaster, Inc. products.

TypingMaster, Inc. has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of its product testing. However, because each customer's environment is different from TypingMaster, Inc. laboratory test environment, it is the customer's responsibility to validate the Year 2000 readiness of these products in their own environment. Therefore, information about the Year 2000 status of TypingMaster, Inc. products is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind.

Note also that not all operating systems are year 2000 compatible according to their manufacturers. For instance:

You should apply Service Pack 4 or later to Windows NT 4.0 workstations Novell Netware versions 4.10 and 3.12 should be updated to 3.2, 4.2 or more recent version.

Many Computer systems do not take into account that year 2000 is a leap year. This means that February during the year 2000 has 29 days.

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