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Why should you Learn to Touch-Type?



Think about this for a moment... 
When we teach someone to read we don't just throw them a book and say "go for it", do we? No, of course not. Yet, time and time again people are placed in front a computer and expected to become productive without proper keyboard training. This has to STOP!

Touch-typing is a mandatory skill for anyone working with a computer in this day-and-age. Who doesn't want to be able to type as fast as an o2 broadband connection, really? We don't formally ask our staff or students to work with one hand tied behind their backs, but if they aren't a good typist... we might as well get the rope out now!

Two fingered typing, or the 'hunt-and-peck' method might have been fine to get a simple job done a few years back. Back then you may have hardly used a computer at all. Now, they run just about everything and you just can not afford to waste valuable time.

Whether it be:

  • Entering the invoices for the office, 
  • Typing up a letter to a customer or supplier, 
  • Preparing a home work assignment for School or University, 
  • Typing an email to a friend in a far-off land, 
  • Or just generally 'mucking around' on the computer...

We can all get more benefit from our efforts, if those efforts are as productively channelled as possible.

Consider this scenario:
You have a report to type up (or an essay to write), ~3000 words required. 

A 'hunt-and-peck' typist:

  • Might average 10 words per minute, if they're lucky
  • Will take 5+ hours of solid typing to get the job done
  • Oh, and don't even mention editing or rewrites to them, they'll likely scream!

A good touch-typist:

  • Averages 60+ words per minute
  • Will be finished in well under one hour!
  • They'll be very comfortable making edits if needed as they won't take long...
  • And, they'll be on their way home a long time before the 'hunt-and-pecker' is even half way done on the first pass!

So, who do you want to be?

Like any new skill it takes time to master it, but, with TypingMaster doing the teaching, that time is reduced as much as it can be. With consistent practice there is nothing stopping you from improving your typing speed 3 to 5 (or even more if you get really good) times faster than with the hunt-and-peck method.

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