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TypingMaster for Schools

You'd never hand a book to a pre-school child and expect her to teach herself to read. 
IT education demands we do more than just show them how to surf the web. Why not teach them skills to give them a competitive edge now and into the future?
TypingMaster: the tool for making a real difference to your students' computer productivity.

Learning to type is easier than ever
TypingMaster teaches correct typing skills at the student's own pace, using tutorials, exercises and instant feedback. Its fun user interface and built-in intelligence give both student and teacher continuous feedback on improvement and areas needing further work. Progress is rewarded with fun practice games that reinforce newly acquired skills.

Designed for both teacher and student
Until now, most typing tutor packages have provided only a limited amount of feedback on training progress. But with its advanced Learning Optimiser Technology, TypingMaster adapts the lesson and practice structure dynamically, so each student's individual needs are met. Real-time reports give you a clear picture of every student's progress and problem areas. And you don't need to be a network guru to install TypingMaster on your network: an intelligent installation wizard looks after all the details.

With uniquely affordable pricing of both network and standalone licenses, TypingMaster is viable for even the tightest budgets.

What other teachers are saying about TypingMaster:
" works well with the network good student records and reporting holds students' interest."
"Students are well prepared to cope with the 'Keyboarding Unit Standards' offered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. We have had a very high success rate of students meeting the criteria."
" its ease of administration, its reporting of students' progress, its structured and interesting lessons and its remedial activities for those having problems." "Good value for money."
John Barr, Kings High School, Dunedin, New Zealand

"Many students can use it at one time and there can be a different student on the same computer the next period. Great for keeping individual records and has good statistics for each student. Price was a major factor in our choosing TypingMaster."
"The games!!! And the fact that they can print their stats and compete with others in the class."
Tony Nelson, Computing Co-ordinator, Corowa High School, N.S.W.

TypingMaster: the most enjoyable efficient and effective way for Australian students to improve their keyboard efficiency.

Advanced Features

Get started in minutes. Just install TypingMaster on the network server and ask students to run one file to create icons on the workstations.

Follow students' progress. View all the exercise and test results easily with user manager. You can also print out different kinds of reports to get a clear overview.

Arrange typing tests. Arrange fully customised typing tests for one or more classes. You can use the stories included in TypingMaster or texts of your own.

Use comprehensive material. In addition to a thorough basic typing course with multi-form exercises TypingMaster also includes additional courses for the  numeric keypad and special marks.

Provide additional training easily. If a student completes all the exercises before the end of a lesson, he/she can play typing games or improve his/her weaknesses with the personalised review exercises.

Teach in different class rooms. You can seamlessly teach the same students in several class rooms. TypingMaster is able to recognise them on any workstation within the network.

Let students learn by themselves. Since TypingMaster seamlessly supports self-driven studying, students can easily do exercises when a teacher is not present.


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